Web Desk May 1, 2021

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on May 1 and the new realities in the geographical location of the transport corridors connecting Central Asia and Europe add to the geopolitical importance of Azerbaijan, which has a favorable position for the United States.

According to AZERTAC , these views were expressed in an analytical article published in the Arabnews newspaper by Luke Kofi, a well-known Western political scientist and director of the Daglas and Sarah Alison Center of the Heritage Foundation.

The author notes that in the current situation, the only access of Western countries to the Central Asian region will be through the Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan corridor. However, access to Central Asia by land and air from Azerbaijan seems to be the only possible option for Washington. This route is the 100-kilometer Ganja Gap corridor, named after Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, and an important point on the Silk Road. The U.S. military has used the corridor to deliver supplies to Afghanistan. Thus, if Washington wants to strengthen in the Central Asian region, it must improve relations with Turkey and pay more attention to Azerbaijan.

The political scientist stressed that in the face of Russia’s and China’s plans to increase their influence in Central Asia, as well as in Afghanistan, the best option for the United States is to further develop cooperation with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Source:  Azerbaijan State News Agency

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