Preliminary date of selling Austrian company’s assets in Turkey announced

European companies do not show any special interest in buying assets of Austrian OMV company in Turkey and the sale-purchase transaction will be completed until 2017, OMV CEO Rainer Seele told .

Earlier, OMV announced about selling its Turkish subsidiary OMV Petrol Ofisi A.S., since as part of its strategy. The company intends to focus on mining companies and integrated oil refining activities.

In this regard, the OMV starts to sell up to 100 percent of assets in OMV Petrol Ofisi A.S which owns one of the largest networks of filling stations in Turkey.

Earlier, head of SOCAR Turkey Enerji Zaur Gahramanov said that in autumn, SOCAR will start studying the possibility of purchasing the gas filling stations of OMV in Turkey.

He noted that SOCAR is interested in those assets.

OMV Petrol Ofisi owns 1,785 gas filling stations in Turkey. The fuel sale by the company neared 10 million tons in 2015.

Source: Trend News Agency