President Aliyev signs decree to create commission following Araz arms plant blast

Azerbaijani President IlhamAliyev signed a decree July 26 on the establishment of the state commission in connection with the explosion at the Araz arms plant owned by the country’s Ministry of Defense Industry.

According to the decree, an explosion occurred at Araz arms plant in Azerbaijan’s Shirvan city July 26 and some people were injured as a result of the accident.

The state commission will be established to investigate the causes of the accident and eliminate its consequences.

YagubEyyubov, Azerbaijani first deputy prime minister, will be the chairman of the commission.

The commission will consist of the following members:

YaverJamalov, minister of defense industry

ZakirHasanov, defense minister

ZakirGaralov, attorney general

MadatGuliyev, head of the State Security Service

VilayatEyvazov, first deputy interior minister

Salim Muslimov, minister of labour and social protection of population

FaigTaghizade, deputy minister of emergency situations

Abbas Valibayov, deputy minister of health

MardanJamalov, head of the executive power of Shirvan city

According to the decree, the state commission must determine and take urgent measures to eliminate the consequences of the accident, investigate its causes and conditions, provide the treatment and render other necessary assistance to the injured.

The state commission must also inform President Aliyev on the conducted work.

According to the decree, the Azerbaijani General Prosecutor’s Office together with the country’s interior ministry and the ministry of emergency situations must take urgent measures to investigate the causes of the accident.

The decree will come into force from the date of signing.

Source: Trend News Agency