Web Desk April 5, 2021

“We will continue to support our citizens engaged in agriculture. The rising subsidies are further evidence of that. Our intentions and policies remain unchanged,” President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said as he received in a video format Zaur Mikayilov due to his appointment as Chairman of Azerbaijan Melioration and Water Management Open Joint Stock Company, APA reports.


“But at the same time, everyone involved in agriculture must understand their responsibility. During the analysis, we came across one thing – cases of unfair distribution of water are widespread. Central executive bodies, local executive bodies and some entrepreneurs seemed to be conspiring and using water unscrupulously. This being the case, some farmers and villages did not have access to water. I issued an order, so the situation is being analyzed now and the investigation is underway. This must be stopped. There are numerous illegal tie-ins on water lines. We came across this during the analysis. It turned out that no-one is responsible for this, there is no-one accountable for this. This must end. I ordered that visual monitoring of water lines should be carried out. In other words, modern surveillance systems, cameras should be installed in such places and these illegal tie-ins should be stopped.


There are many shortcomings, and you will, of course, analyze all this work during your tenure. Again, this area remains and will remain a priority for us. But there must be a new approach, an approach that meets modern requirements. I think that you will analyze all these issues in a short time and come up with a package of specific proposals,” noted the head of state.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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