President of Azerbaijan: The Armenian leadership and society as a whole have not yet recovered from their defeat in the war

Revanchist tendencies in Armenia are displayed not only by former government officials, but also by current ones. Because first of all, as I said, we saw military provocations in the post-war period, and there were several such attempts – in November, prior to that, yesterday and it is possible that such attempts will be made in the future too,” said President Ilham Aliyev responding to a question about revanchist tendencies in Armenia as he was interviewed by local TV channels.

Emphasizing that the Armenian leadership and society as a whole had not yet recovered from the defeat in the war, the head of state said: “They have been hit so hard psychologically that all their ideological foundations have been shattered. In other words, all the myths they invented and believed in have been blown to smithereens. We showed it in a matter of 44 days. Therefore, such tendencies do exist in Armenian society. Any government must take into account public opinion. Therefore, such tendencies will be continued.”


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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