Presidential Assistant: We have sent letters to Russian peacekeepers

“We have sent letters to the Russian peacekeepers and our interaction is taking place with the commander of the Russian peacekeepers on the ground,” said Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev during a briefing held with representatives of the diplomatic corps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


He further added: “But in the meantime, this issue caused serious resentment and concern of Azerbaijani society as everybody is very well aware that throughout the years of occupation and after the liberation of the territories, issues related with the Azerbaijani territories and the Azerbaijani sovereignty are a matter of the serious concern in Azerbaijani society. And therefore, Azerbaijani civil society activists consisting of quite substantial number of NGOs and civil society activity groups and also eco activists gathered in the intersection of the Shusha-Khankendi and Lachin road to express their protest. And it is a peaceful protest. The protesters are putting legitimate demands on inadmissibility of the environmental damages as a result of illegal exploitation. They also come up with the slogans about ecological terror should be put an end in Karabakh.”


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency