Web Desk March 20, 2021

The rise in prices before each Novruz has long become a negative tradition. Experts note that prices in the markets have increased by 6-8% over the past three weeks, and the total cost of a table for a family of four for the Novruz holiday is about 200 manats.


Why are prices going up before the holiday? What measures are being taken to raise prices?


As Turan was told in the State Service for Antimonopoly Control and Supervision of the Consumer Market under the Ministry of Economy, measures are being taken to prevent unjustified price changes amid growing demand for a number of food products in connection with the Novruz holiday. The agency noted that serious measures will be taken against enterprises that allow unreasonable price increases.


The civil service added that regular monitoring has been strengthened to timely detect and prevent unjustified price increases. During the monitoring, entrepreneurs are given special recommendations to clarify the prices of goods, match the prices on the windows with the prices at the checkout, a more serious and prompt investigation in case of violations.


The agency stressed that serious measures will be taken against entrepreneurs who violate consumer rights by unreasonably raising prices.


It was also noted that according to the monitoring results, it can be said that there was no price increase based on any widespread facts of overpricing.


Former MP, businessman Nazim Baydamirli said that in a market economy there is no concept of artificial, unjustified price increases. “Officials talk about artificial price increases, but the Cabinet of Ministers and the Tariff Council, which set tariffs in Azerbaijan, have raised energy prices, which has led to a chain of price increases in recent months.”


The economist noted that in recent months, due to the pandemic, economic activity has decreased, and citizens’ incomes are limited. “In this case, the demand decreases. Such price increases are an anomaly, even if demand is not so high. The reasons for this are the monopoly created by official entrepreneurship, and at the same time the artificial increase in prices by government agencies.


According to Baydamirli, the problem will not be resolved until these causes are eliminated. “That is, we will see a rise in prices until official entrepreneurship and monopolies are abolished, transparent customs administration is introduced and the rights and equality of entrepreneurs are ensured,” he noted.


Source: Turan News Agency

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