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“A Tale of Darkness” is the name of a prison diary book written by a public activist and former political prisoner Ilkin Rustamzade.


The author tells about his experiences during six years of imprisonment (2013-2019). “This book is not only for those who are interested in political processes in Azerbaijan. It is designed for a wider audience,” the author told Turan.


According to him, in the book he draws attention to the situation in the prisons of Azerbaijan, repression, torture, competition between criminal groups. “I tried to pay attention to those things that usually remain behind the scenes. For example, the situation in the so-called “tubzone”, which is formally an institution for patients with tuberculosis, but in fact, it is a place where people are actually sent to their death,” the author noted.


A special place in the book is given to the role of the criminal world in places of detention and its cooperation with the authorities. Young people in Azerbaijan often form false opinions about criminal communities, a romantic area, and sympathy for this way of life. In fact, the “authorities” are not at all noble rulers of justice. The criminal world, for the most part, is in the service of the authorities and is often used against political prisoners. The book also pays attention to how the State Security Service recruits agents among political prisoners.


“I think that this book should be of interest to officials and civil servants. They should have an idea of how things are in prisons under the system they serve,” Rustamzade said.


He also describes the impact on the lives of imprisoned decisions taken at the international level, in particular in the US and the EU. The book was published by the “Ganun” publishing house.


* Ilkin Rustamzade was arrested in 2013 in the case of “activists of the Nida movement” in connection with the organization of mass protests against non-combat losses in the army. Rustamzade spent six years in prison on charges of organizing mass riots, and he was recognized as a “prisoner of conscience” by the international human rights organization Amnesty International.


Source: Turan News Agency

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