Program of 2nd International Dolma Festival revealed

Those who love to travel become an inheritable part of the world cuisine and a visit to Azerbaijan cannot be completed without tasting dolma.

This stuffed meal is widely prepared in kitchens across the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia. However, in Azerbaijan this dish is iconic, no Azerbaijani table is complete without dolma.

A number of dolma recipes will be presented to food lovers in Chenlibel Park, in Baku. The festival will feature several tables with different kinds of dolma, such as aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers as well as made of cabbage leaves, apple and quince and more. Furthermore, various competitions will be held as part of the festival.

The first International Dolma Festival was organized in Baku in 2016. Co-organized by the Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism Ministry, National Culinary Center, Azerbaijani National Culinary Association and Absheron District Executive Power, the event brought together about 400 representatives from Azerbaijan’s 24 regions, as well as from Turkey, Ukraine and Jordan.