admin April 28, 2021

On Wednesday, a group of members of the public organization People’s Movement held a protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Baku. The action was timed to the next anniversary of the Sovietization of Azerbaijan in 1920 by the 11th Red Army.

Participants raised a poster: “We demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Azerbaijan.” The police took the posters from the hands of the participants and pushed them away from the building.

“We demand the withdrawal of the Russians from Karabakh, they are not peacekeepers, let the Turkish military replace them,” one of the protesters said.

“If the Russian military fired “Iskander” missiles at Shusha, then how can these military personnel be considered peacekeepers? Let them clean up,” said another participant.

The organizers circulated in the media a resolution of the action, which says that the People’s Movement regards the arrival of the Russian military as an encroachment on the sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

These military men are not engaged in peacekeeping in Karabakh, but they do whatever they want. All this contradicts the interests of Azerbaijan, the resolution says.

* The People’s Movement was founded in 2019 by the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Iskender Hamidov. The members of this structure are a number of political parties of public organizations.

Source: Turan News Agency