Protestors decide to march to Yerevan’s Baghramyan Avenue despite ban by police

Those gathered in Yerevan’s Liberty Square in support of the armed group seizing Erebuni police station wish to march to the city’s central Baghramyan Avenue, but the police announced they will ban the route, reported.

The protestors are scanning “Baghramyan” and wish to head for the Presidential Palace in heavy rain.

Heritage Party representative Armen Martirosyan stated that they have already entered a new stage. “We have apparently entered a political stage. The demands have been clearly formulated. The numb activeness should be greater in the second stage. We must move to precise actions in this stage,” Martirosyan said, urging to self-organize and start taking civil disobedience steps in all the corners of Armenia and the Diaspora.

Talking to the rally organizers, deputy chief of Yerevan policy Valery Osipyan said the march is unlawful and they are banning it, but Martirosyan noted that the march will be peaceful. The protestors are now moving to Baghramyan Avenue.

Source: Trend News Agency