Reply to Media Queries on Revisions to the SAF’s Security Zoning Programme

In response to media queries on revisions to the SAF’s security zoning programme, the following reply was issued:

Since the introduction of the security zoning programme in 2012, the SAF has progressively refined security zoning in SAF camps and premises to consolidate sensitive and classified information into Red Zones, while allowing greater flexibility for less-sensitive Green Zones.

The security zoning worked well and has not compromised security. With effect from 1 March 2016, further revisions were made. All electronic devices such as tablets and laptops were allowed into Green Zones. These are in addition to the camera-enabled mobile phones which have earlier been permitted. The usage of electronic devices, however, is subject to units’ training and operational requirements.

Camera-enabled devices continue to be prohibited in Red Zones. However, cameras in mobile phones and smartwatches, which have been disabled via grinding or sandblasting of the lenses, and demonstrated to comply with our standards of being permanently unusable, will be allowed into Red Zones. To provide servicemen with more options to disable their camera-equipped devices, the requirement that cameras can only be removed by telecommunications companies or original equipment manufacturers was also lifted.

Source: mindef