admin May 27, 2015

Azerbaijanis all over the world will celebrate one of the most significant days in country’s history – Independence Day May 28.

The first independent democratic republic in the Muslim world, Azerbaijan, was established 97 years ago in 1918. Azerbaijan will celebrate Republic Day on May 28, the day when the country was proclaimed for the first time. It is one of the brightest pages in the history of Azerbaijani people, which commemorate the country unification.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is the national treasure of the country, the important page in the history of Azerbaijan. The first governmental resolution about the national tricolour flag was issued on 9 November 1918. Establishment of the government was one of the very first steps that the newborn Azerbaijan Democratic Republic took.

In this regard, Baku will see celebrations held by the Executive Power of the City. There will be organized a concert and a grand fireworks display on May 28 in the National Park.

The holiday concert with the participation of famous artists starts at 21:00 and the grand fireworks at 23:00.