Responsibility for a possible conflict lies with Armenia and Russian peacekeepers -ANALYSIS

Issuing a press release, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan (MoD) states that the transportation of manpower, ammunition, mines, as well as other military equipment from Armenia for illegal Armenian armed detachments in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping forces are temporarily deployed, has intensified in recent days.

This transportation is carried out, in particular, by taking advantage of the night hours and foggy weather conditions, the MoD stressed on its press released issued today.

The MoD noted that over the past few days, the intensification of unlawful construction and improvement work done by Armenians on the Khankendi-Khalfali-Turshsu road and Khankendi-Kosalar-Mirzalar-Turshsu road passing to the north of the mentioned route was recorded by the Azerbaijan Army’s technical surveillance means. These roads are also used for the provision and supply of the combat positions of illegal Armenian armed detachments.

Despite numerous appeals of the Azerbaijani side and discussions in this regard, no necessary measures have been taken to suppress the transportation of ammunition and other military means to date, noted the Ministry. Taking into account the current situation, necessary local control measures were taken by the Azerbaijan Army Units to suppress the use of dirt roads north of the Lachin road for illegal activities, as well as the aggravation of the situation by the transportation of weapons and ammunition by Armenia and the commitment of potential provocations.

In another press release, the Ministry noted that members of an illegal Armenian armed detachment in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeepers are temporarily deployed, under the guise of agricultural work, attempted to excavate in the direction of the Yukhari Veysalli settlement of the Fuzuli region for the purpose of engineering preparation of the trench. The work was immediately stopped as a result of the urgent measures taken by the Azerbaijan Army Units.

From the video footage released by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan in March, it is clear that the road construction in Azerbaijan is not only carried out in the territory under the control of the Russian peacekeepers but also with the direct support of the “peacekeepers”.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly warned at the highest level that it does not intend to turn a blind eye to the secret transportation of weapons, ammunition, and manpower from Armenia to its sovereign territories, and has also informed the Russian peacekeepers in the region. In addition, Azerbaijan has presented numerous facts to the Russian side that prove illegal transportation.

However, as usual, because Armenia and its patrons in the area did not understand the concepts of negotiations, understanding, and warning, the Azerbaijani Army was forced to take control of the roads prepared for alternative and illegal transportation. One of the reasons for this is the desire of the Armenian terrorists to arm themselves, and the other reason is that the Russian peacekeepers, who actually took over the temporary control of the region and should perform the functions stipulated in the Tripartite Declaration, did not perform their activities.

It is now possible to say with certainty that the Russian peacekeepers have abandoned their duties and taken the path of supporting and patronizing terrorists. This means that they do not want peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, a one-time solution to the issue. It is as if the Russian peacekeepers were given the task of creating instability in the region, preventing direct contact and reintegration process between the Armenian population of Karabakh and Baku.

The result of this is that the Armenian side has already hardened its military rhetoric and started to implement revanchist actions in the region, such as making disruptive statements.

On March 5, there were casualties as a result of a shootout with Armenian armed forces carrying out illegal military transports. Later, the illegal transportation of weapons and ammunition was prevented many times.

On March 20, a soldier of the State Border Service was injured in the Zangilan area as a result of the violation of the cease-fire by Armenians. Construction of a new road to continue the transportation of military ammunition and personnel to the Karabakh region has begun, and this was carried out under the open auspices of Russian peacekeepers.

In order to put an end to such provocations once and for all, the Azerbaijani Army had to take control of alternative ways, as well as take necessary steps for others.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly declared that the next revanchist action of the Armenian side will not be allowed and will not be tolerated. Therefore, the responsibility for any conflict that may occur falls on both Armenia and Russian peacekeepers who support terrorists and separatists.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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