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Revolutionary transformations underway in Azerbaijani army – military expert

BAKU: Despite the successes achieved, many revolutionary changes are underway in order to fully transition the Azerbaijani army to the Turkish model, the military expert Azer Bayramov told Trend.

“In accordance with the specific task of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief during the II Karabakh War to transition the Azerbaijani army to the Turkish army model, the creation of new commando units in the Azerbaijani army and their outfitting with new modern weapons, equipment has been carried out with great success. Meanwhile, new training and educational centers have been created precisely to increase the combat readiness of the personnel of these units,” Bayramov said.

He noted that the combat training of the personnel conducted in these training centers in accordance with the tactics used in Trkiye’s army has once again proved its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Bayramov emphasized that exactly the conduct of combat training, exercises of commando units in various difficult terrain conditions, in different sea
sons contributed to further professionalism and improvement of combat readiness of the Azerbaijani Army.

“We witnessed this on the battlefield. Of course, in accordance with the requirements of modernity, along with battle-proven tactics, combat training, personal professionalism, introduction of new technologies, we observed very effective functioning of different branches of the army, primarily drones, and joint coordinated fulfillment of the assigned combat task.

Certainly, it is to the Azerbaijani army that the world’s most advanced model of the Turkish army was applied, the task set in this regard by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief is aimed at ensuring the dynamic development of the Azerbaijani army in the future. This will lead us to another success,” Bayramov added.

Source: Trend News Agency