February 16, 2021

“Unfortunately there were many tragedies like Khgojaly genocide in the world, and I witnessed some of them,” said world-famous photographer Reza Deghati at his meeting with media representatives at Heydar Aliyev Centre, APA reports.


He said that Khojaly tragedy was terrible because it happened one night: “ Cutting abdomen of women, killing children, removal of people’s eye alive was not a tale, witnesses of the tragedy, participants told me this.”


  1. Deghati said that he faced with Armenians’ threats for times as he delivered Khojaly genocide to the world and stressed these threats continue today too: “My three projects were cancelled in France during the four months when I worked in Azerbaijan. Armenians started an information war after being defeated in the war. One of their victims is me. However, I will not avoid saying just words. I think that I am linked to Azerbaijani history, that is why I consider doing these works as my duty. Currently, I want to put all of my works aside and shoot territories of Karabakh, liberated from occupation, village-by-village and write down to history, and then prepare an exhibition, a documentary film on the basis of it.”


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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