admin April 16, 2016

Corruption is not only bribes, when officials hand out to their relatives positions, it is also a manifestation of corruption. Non-professionals work everywhere, that’s why there is such a situation in the country, Yerevan resident said in an interview with the First Informative agency.

“A folk proverb says that “a fish rots from the head down””, he added.

According to another resident of Yerevan, all the laws are currently being violated in the country: “I was deprived of the house, until now our case is in the European Court, and still there is no response. You should not expect anything good in this country”.

“While our country is so poor, how can some manage to erect such buildings here, it is also corruption. Where did they get the money, whom they are building for? Is it for me or for you? Of course, no. Corruption, robbery reign everywhere, instead of equping the army”, another resident of Yerevan said.

Source: Trend