Roots of “Armenian love” of arrested Eva Kylie (Research)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The scandal with the detention in Brussels on the corruption case of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kylie, is gaining momentum.


The former MEP and the head of the European Trade Union Confederation are also among the people detained by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The police, after conducting searches at 16 addresses in Brussels, found 600,000 euros in cash. The country’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced the detention of several people after the raid.


According to the official news, the operation was conducted as part of the operational-search measures on the facts of corruption and money laundering.


Who is the arrested high-ranking official, Eva Kylie?


Eva Kylie was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1978. She is a member of the country’s Panhellenic Socialist Movement party. Eva Kylie was reportedly expelled from the party after her arrest. She has been a member of the European Parliament since 2014.


How did Eva Kylie feel about Azerbaijan?


As a part of her activities, she adhered to an anti-Azerbaijani position. During the 44-day war, she sent a request to the EU Commission, demanding the implementation of visa restrictions on Azerbaijani passport holders. This suggests that Eva Kylie may have shady ties with Armenians. Who can guarantee that she did not use her authority for the benefit of the Armenians for bribes? It is possible that news of Eva Kylie’s corruption ties with the Armenian lobby will emerge during the investigation.


The European Parliament, which is one of the leading organizations of the “old continent”, the OSCE, and other European institutions periodically prepare reports and investigate violations of the law, bribery, and lawlessness in various parts of the world. They are trying to create the impression that they are perfect and that they act transparently, hence having the right to teach the countries of the world how to fight against corruption and bribery. However, the corruption scandal with Eva Kaili, distinguished by her pro-Armenian position, and other similar facts show that neither representatives of European organizations, nor the former and current leaders of the leading countries of the “old continent” are by any means “white and fluffy”.


Within this context, the following corruption scandals involving European and American officials can be mentioned. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France from 2007 to 2012, was accused of illegal financing and corruption in 2018. In 2017, French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux was forced to resign after a top news story on one of the country’s leading TV channels accused him of making illegal money by creating fictitious jobs for his daughters. Right-wing candidate François Fillon was accused of corruption in the 2017 French election. In 2015, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to three years in prison for bribery. In 2015, former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison.


Pro-Armenian Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is currently under federal criminal investigation. Federal prosecutors investigated Menendez back in 2015, when he was charged with bribery, but not punished. Menendez has close ties to Armenian and Greek lobbying organizations. Also, Robert Menendez is married to an ethnic Armenian. So, the Eva Kylie corruption scandal is not the first of its kind. It is more likely that the Armenian lobby will continue to bribe officials in Europe and the United States.


The above gives reason to believe that corruption scandals “on the old continent” will not end there. Just as Eva Kylie and her ilk are accused of corruption, the same is expected of French President Macron, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and other officials who have great support from the Armenian lobby. The charges brought against Eva Kylie show that it is corrupt interests that are behind this support.


Source: TREND News Agency