Rouhani: Iranians voted in favor of economic development at elections

President Hassan Rouhani said that people of Iran voiced their wishes by attending the recent round of elections for parliament and the Assembly of Experts in the country.

Addressing a gathering of people in the northwestern city of Orumiyeh, President Rouhani said that people voted in favor of the improvement of economic situation in the country, state-run TV IRINN reported.

Saying that 62 percent of eligible voters attended the recent poles in the country, he added that people urged for unity among officials of the Islamic Republic.

President further added that people said “no to extremism” through the elections.

People are not in the favor of creating gaps between Iran and the rest of the world, Rouhani added.

The 290-member parliament was inaugurated May 29 with the participation of 265 MPs and a number of senior officials of the Islamic Republic.

Earlier in late February Iranians voted in two crucial elections for parliament and the Assembly of Experts as the country looks to a post-sanction period to rebuild its economy and shape its relations with the outside world.

President Hassan Rouhnai arrived in West Azerbaijan Province this morning as part of his provincial visits.

Source: Trend