admin April 1, 2016

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak is expected to arrive in Tehran to discuss power projects with Iranian officials on March 14.

The construction of a thermal power plant in the Islamic Republic and synchronizing the electricity networks of Iran and Russia are the main topics on agenda to be discussed between officials from the two countries, Tasnim news agency reported.

According to the report Novak will confer his Iranian counterpart Hamid Chitchian to discuss the issues.

During President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran last November the sides discussed a project for launching a 1400-megawatts (MW) power plant in Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

Iran has already announced its intention to swap electricity with Russia as part of plans to develop the country’s power and energy trade.

According to Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company (TAVANIR), the country plans to export electricity to Russia in winter seasons, while Russia will supply Iran with electricity during summer seasons.

Iranian electricity officials say that the country’s peak electrical demand is in summer while the demand for power in Russia increases in winter.

According to TAVANIR, Iran’s installed power capacity has surpassed 74,000 MW and the power transmission capacity has reached 324,000 MW.

Between March 2015 and January 2016, Iran’s electricity consumption increased by 7.869 billion kWh, reaching 164.558 billion kWh.

In the mentioned period, the electricity consumption per capita in the country also increased by 181 kWh.

Meanwhile, Iran generated 243.521 billion kWh of electricity 3 percent more than the same period.

Source: Trend