admin May 1, 2021

“People, who visit here, feel as if the city was hit by atom bombs,” said Chief editor of Russia’s “National Defense” magazine, military expert, Igor Korotchenko, who is on a visit to Aghdam today, APA’s bureau in Karabakh reports.

Igor Korotchenko said that destroyed Aghdam reminds of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were destructed as a result of dropping atomic bombs: “Certainly, Armenians did not drop atomic bombs here, they dropped here a bomb of hatred against Azerbaijani people. Scope of destruction makes a person horrified. There is not such a place, demonstrating results of vandalism, hatred, and enmity visually, in the world now. It is a military crime. Armenian political-military leadership should answer for it in the international tribunal. It is impossible to forgive this action. It is a crime against humanity. Armenian politicians, who triggered the First and Second Karabakh war, Armenian militants, who committed the vandalism, expelled more than 1 million Azerbaijanis from their native lands, and Armenian armed persons should answer for military crimes, they committed.”

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency