February 16, 2021

Russian peacekeepers ensured the transit of a convoy with a cargo of building materials to the Kalbajar region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.


“To restore energy and water supply systems for social facilities and residential buildings, another Russian column of the Humanitarian Response Center, consisting of 25 KamAZ military vehicles and escort vehicles, delivered about 185 tons of cargo to the Kalbajar region (generating stations, electrical equipment, reinforced concrete structures and building materials)” it is said in the press release.


Assistance was rendered to the Azerbaijani side on the basis of the terms of the trilateral agreement between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan dated November 9 last year, the message further says.


It should be noted that transport communication with Kalbajar is carried out through the territory of the former Agderin region (formerly Mardakert), where the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh lives. Some time ago, the Armenians blocked the road, refusing to allow the Azerbaijani transport.


Source: Turan News Agency

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