Secretary-General of Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society: Negotiations conducted, await response

We have been on-site for 20 days now, along with our respective work teams. The food-loaded trucks are here. Despite all the relevant negotiations, there is still no response, Jeyhun Mirzayev, Secretary-General of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society told APA’s Karabakh bureau.

He stated that the food-loaded trucks will wait on-site until they are delivered to the Armenian residents living in Khankendi: “As the Golden Crescent Society, we are here. We are currently waiting. We are fully prepared for passage in this or any other way. Our aim in coming here is to deliver 40 tons of flour to the Armenian-origin residents living in Khankendi. We will wait here until the delivery is made. If the passage occurs, we must conduct an assessment among the people to determine their needs. Once we identify their needs, in the next phase, whether it’s food, non-food items, or any other requirement, we will plan and prepare to assist. The Red Crescent Society is fully prepared for this.”

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency