State attestation successfully completed at Baku Higher Oil School

Fifth-year Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) successfully completed defense of the diplomas and passed assessment by Attestation Commission. All the projects submitted by BHOS first graduates for the attestation had to be technically feasible, cost-efficient and environment friendly. Alongside the graduation works, the students also presented reports about their projects’ technical feasibility study and environmental assessment.

Graduation works of two Chemical Engineering students and four Petroleum Engineering students were recognized best by the Attestation Commission. These six graduates, namely Ahmad Galandarli, Rafael Samedov, Aida Soltanova, Ibrahim Mamedov, Rasul Samadzada and Eltun Sadigov, will receive diplomas with honors.

In total, 54 Chemical Engineering students and 48 Petroleum Engineering students presented their graduation works to the Attestation Commission, which included the students’ academic advisers from BHOS and external experts. Defense of the graduate research papers is the final stage of the graduates’ study at BHOS. It shall prove the students’ professional qualification and demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge they obtained at the Higher School.