Student Mentors to operate at UNEC

A “Student- Mentor” system has been established at the International School of Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The purpose of establishing mentor system is to provide support of counselling to new incoming students of the university, to improve the integration among the courses and network relations. 12 mentors have been chosen among the 3rd year students of the School. 2 mentors on majors have been defined for each group of 1st courses.

Mentors to perform beginning from September 15 will assist a first year students to adapt to university life.

In addition, a “Senior Mentor” will also perform at the International School of Economics. A senior mentor has been chosen among 4th year students. He (she) will support to all groups of first courses performing as an independent mentor.

Students enrolled to the International School of Economics of UNEC in 2016/2017 academic year have gathered more than 600 points. Thus, increase in minimum admission score was recorded in the International School of Economics. The average admission point has reached the maximum level, 635 points.