Web Desk February 21, 2021

The Talysh Public Council of Azerbaijan (TPCA) made a statement on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day celebrated on February 21.


TPCA congratulating all the peoples of the country on this day, notes that 2020 was a successful year for their common Motherland – Azerbaijan.


“Last fall, the victorious Azerbaijani army liberated our historical lands, which had been under the occupation of the Armenian invaders for many years. The Talysh, like the representatives of other fraternal peoples, showed unparalleled courage for the brilliant victory of our country over the enemy in the Second Karabakh War. Many of them became martyrs or were wounded for the liberation of our occupied territories. The Talysh have always been and will be at the forefront of ensuring and protecting the territorial integrity of our country,” the statement says.


At the same time, TPCA regrets that many problems have not been resolved that hinder the development of the Talysh language and identity.


A year ago, also on the occasion of the International Day of the Mother Language, TPCA sent a document “On the current state of the Talysh language in the Republic of Azerbaijan and urgent measures in this direction” to state bodies, which contained proposals for solving these problems.


However, over the past year, there was no reaction to this, which is regarded by TPCA as “no difference and no respect” to the rights and freedoms of citizens enshrined in the Constitution.


TPCA again appeals to the country’s leadership with a call to implement a set of measures to preserve and develop the identity of the Talysh people, “to provide conditions for a dignified and happy life for its representatives, as well as other citizens of Azerbaijan.”


In particular, it is proposed to teach the Talysh language in schools in areas of compact residence of Talysh people, to publish textbooks in Talysh, to open faculties in universities and colleges to train teachers in the Talysh language and philology.


It is also noted the need to open in the central city of the southern region of the country, Lankaran, a Talysh state theater, a conservatory and a philharmonic society, to provide television and radio broadcasting in the Talysh language.


In addition, it is proposed to provide state support to newspapers and magazines in the Talysh language, and to ensure state registration of public associations with the mention of the word “Talysh” in the title.


Source: Turan News Agency

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