The disabled defended disability

Nariman Abdullayev, a disabled person of the second group, won a lawsuit against the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MLSP). The judge of the Baku Administrative Court Mehriban Garaeva ruled in favor of Nariman Abdullayev – his complaint was satisfied, Rauf Azimov, the lawyer of the client, said.

Thus, the MLSP should restore Abdullayev’s disability and disability pension, which he was denied. One of the lawyer’s main arguments was that the legislation prohibits the deprivation of a disability pension to a person who has received a disability pension without a break of 10 years. Abdulaev received a pension for 13 years, suffered from serious illnesses, and did not recover during this time.

Abdullayev’s ordeals and the unfair attitude of the MLSP towards him were described in the article “State denied disability allowance for sick oil worker.”

Unfortunately, after the publication of the article, the agency’s correspondence with the MLSP did not give positive results. The Ministry insisted on the denial of disability.

Source: Turan News Agency