Web Desk March 29, 2021

The distribution on March 28 on social networks of a video with footage of the intimate life of the daughter of the chair of the opposition National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan Jamil Hasanli caused wide criticism among users.


Previously, similar videos about the personal lives of social activists were circulated about feminists. Despite their complaints, law enforcement authorities have not yet brought to justice those who released the video.


Hasanli himself believes that the government was involved in the distribution of the video. “Ilham Aliyev and his security service released a video about the personal life of my daughter Gunel Hasanli. Interfering with the privacy of other people, spying on people, sticking their nasty noses in bedrooms is their old habit,“ Hasanli wrote.


He considers it immoral to invade someone else’s intimate life and to mobilize the state security agencies for this and the use of such materials for political blackmail.


The chair of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Ali Karimli believes that the moral terror against the leader of the National Council testifies to the baseness of the government itself.


“Everyone knows that Jamil Hasanli is given moral terror because he serves the people, defends their rights and speaks on their behalf. It is well known that such dastardly attacks have a boomerang effect and discredit the regime itself,” wrote Karimli on Facebook.


Public figure Bakhtiyar Hajiyev writes that Ilham Aliyev chose inadequate and unacceptable methods of dealing with his rivals and critics. “The biggest immorality is not what someone’s child does in private life, but that the leaders of the country devour billions and trample the rights of tens of millions of people, build themselves a luxurious life on the tragedy of others.


The greatest shame is to suppress political opponents, to commit such meanness against them, making the political struggle so ugly,” Hajiyev said.


Many other party leaders, intellectuals and public figures condemned the authorities, protesting against the publication of videos about the private life of a family member of an opposition leader, as well as public and political activists. They demanded that the authorities give a legal assessment of the incident.


Just like in all previous cases, the authorities remain silent


Source: Turan News Agency


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