The London Post publishes article on Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

UK-based The London Post newspaper has published an article by the Azerbaijani MP Azay Guliyev highlighting the rich history of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Headlined Five facts about Azerbaijan Democratic Republic � First Western Democracy of the Muslim World, the article says:

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) played an important role in the protection of democratic traditions, gender equality, human rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech and press. Being the first parliamentary republic in the Muslim world, the ADR managed to establish state institutions and preserve ancient statehood traditions of the Azerbaijani nation. Besides this, for the first time, the ADR introduced several rights and freedoms which were never actually provided by any Eastern state prior to that time. Particularly, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was the first republic in the Muslim world, which granted women the right to vote. Thus, the ADR became the country which provided women with electoral rights earlier than many Western countries, including Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Austria, USA, etc.

Even in the modern period, the level of tolerance and equality which existed within the Parliament of the ADR could serve as the pattern for the parliaments of the most progressive Western countries. The establishment of the Parliament was of great importance and it had a historical significance with regard to strengthening of the state-building and coordination of the Republic’s domestic and foreign policy. In 1918, the Azerbaijani parliament was even a model for the Western countries in terms of national tolerance. It is very interesting and at the same time necessary to note that the representatives of different peoples who lived over the territory of the Republic, were represented in the parliament.

The young Republic proved itself to be the self-sufficient defender of its national interests and priorities. The short-lived country established diplomatic relations with many states.

After declaring its independence, several priorities were highlighted by the ADR Government. One of them was the establishment of mutual diplomatic relations with foreign countries, Azay Guliyev says in the article.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic succeeded to create all the necessary conditions for proper functioning of the domestic policy tools during one of the most stressful and responsible periods of our national history. The ADR managed to build its army, create Azerbaijan telegraph agency, restore Baku-Batum oil pipeline, establish Azerbaijan State Bank and issue its own currency banknotes, etc.

The existence of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic for 23 months in such a complicated time, the post-war period, which was full of political transformations not only in the region, but also over the world, should be considered as a real feat of historic significance, the article says.

Continuing the political line of the national leader, President Ilham Aliyev, on May 16, 2017, signed a Decree on the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and this important date is currently widely celebrated � numerous local and international events are held on a regular basis to demonstrate respect to the founders of the Republic which existed for almost 2 years, but significance of which will live on forever, the article concludes.

Aynura Taghiyeva

Special Correspondent