The prosecutor’s office warned those who called for the creation of separate beaches for men and women

In a number of local media and social networks there are facts of inciting national, racial, social or religious hatred of people because of their worldview. This is an encroachment on the freedom of conscience and the rights of citizens, noted in the Constitution, regardless of their national, racial or religious affiliation, the message of the Prosecutor General’s Office on Thursday.

In this regard, the prosecutor’s office issued warnings to a group of people who made offensive statements on the basis of religious intolerance and humiliation of citizens for their worldview.

The monitoring conducted by the oversight agency found that Tayar Huseynli, a resident of the Absheron region, made “harsh and insulting statements against people with a different worldview and beliefs.” During discussions of his statements, users Mubariz Sadigly, Nijat Dadashov, Irshad Muradov and others also made expressions aimed at intruding into private life.

“Thus, the requirements of Articles 13-2.2.3 and 13-2.3.9 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Information, Informatization and Information Protection” were violated,” the report says further.

In the course of preventive conversations, these persons acknowledged the fallacy of their judgments and promised not to allow violations in the future.

The prosecutor’s office limited itself to issuing a warning to them and called on the media and social media users “not to publish information that could cause outrage in society.”

It should be noted that Huseynli, mentioned above, condemned and insulted the men who come to the beaches with their wives. He suggested creating separate beaches on a gender basis.

Source: Turan News Agency