Top Azerbaijani official: Transnational media encourage coups, civil strives

Destabilization, civil strives, social disaster and other negative cases in various countries have already turned into today’s reality, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, said.

The top official made the remarks during an event dedicated to the 141st anniversary of Azerbaijan’s National Press July 22.

The tendencies of control over global information space are strengthening, said Hasanov, adding that various external circles try to instill their views to the whole world through transnational media resources, to direct people within certain interests, and regrettably, they achieve this to some extent.

“Currently, we see that intolerance towards representatives of various races, peoples and religions has increased in the countries that present themselves as a sample of democracy and we see that they are drawing back from multicultural values and tolerance,” said the top official.

“The transnational media support the clash of interests of various circles and encourage interference into various states’ internal affairs, coups and civil strives,” he added.

“But we can say with sense of pride that the Azerbaijani society, in which tolerance has predominated for centuries, rejects these negative tendencies,” said Hasanov. “As distinct from many countries, Azerbaijan is a place where not mutual tolerance, but mutual respect for various peoples, ethnic groups and religions is protected.”

By promoting the multicultural values in the world, Azerbaijan is once again showing that all people, regardless of religion and national identity, can live on the same land in a prosperous, friendly and brotherly atmosphere, Hasanov said.

Naturally, here the role of Azerbaijani media, as well as its contribution to strengthening the harmony in the society should be mentioned, he said.

“I believe this is the Azerbaijani media’s response to the Azerbaijani president’s call and adherence to “Ekinchi” traditions,” he added.

Hasanov pointed out that currently, the success of Azerbaijani media in the global information space is also the success of Azerbaijani people.

“Today, the signature of a journalist who presents Azerbaijan to the world with its entire grandiosity, modernity and tolerance atmosphere, is also the signature of Azerbaijani people,” said the top official.

“Every journalist should speak conscientiously, taking into account their state, should be able to protect our national interests, promote and protect the Azerbaijani state for which we have fought for centuries and where today we live proudly,” said Hasanov.

“The ‘Ekinchi’ newspaper and our subsequent media, Hasan bey Zardabi and his numerous followers lived with this purpose and dedicated their meaningful lives to Azerbaijanism, idea of independence and the well-being of their people,” said the top official. “I believe the Azerbaijani media should always follow this path and adhere to its traditions and history.”

“You can be sure that the Azerbaijani state will always stand by your side and will meet your needs,” said Hasanov.

Source: Trend News Agency