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Top Security – ComScire Launches Small Footprint Quantum Random Number Generator

GAINESVILLE, FL–(Marketwired – Feb 18, 2016) –  The Quantum World Corporation – ComScire® announces immediate availability of its small footprint Pure Quantum™ random number generators (QRNGs). The two models, PQ4000KS and PQ4000KSI, are fully compatible with Model PQ4000KU application software. The PQ4000KS is one-third the size of the PQ4000KU, with a footprint of 80 mm by 54 mm. The PQ4000KSI has a footprint of 63.5 mm by 50 mm for mounting within the computer enclosure if additional physical security is required.

Both generators are functionally identical to the PQ4000KU (4 Mbps), and are designed to meet NIST SP 800-90 B and C Draft Recommendations for Random Bit Generator Constructions. Features include hardware startup and continuous runtime testing with failsafe shutdown, internal raw data streams available for testing, redundant generators for highest reliability, and independent power regulation for generator circuits. Model PQ4000KS is housed in an Aluminum enclosure for electromagnetic shielding against radiated or received electromagnetic fields. Our White Paper provides in-depth descriptions of the theory, construction and calculated entropy levels for the new generators, and illustrates the effectively perfect statistical properties of the output numbers which require no post processing.

Used for gaming, cryptography, random selections and drawings, key generation, Monte Carlo simulation and scientific research. USB connected, Bus powered and easy-to-use ActiveX interface. Program examples and full driver software available for download. Every Pure Quantum generator is Guaranteed to Pass Any Test for Randomness™. Quantity and reseller discounts available. Custom design for large volume applications. ComScire – Confidence and Security worldwide for over 20 years.

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