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Tourist trips to Karabakh as a product of “creative thinking”

The State Tourism Agency (STA) plans to organize tourist trips to Karabakh. According to the chair of STA Fuad Nagiyev, the first visit titled “Our way to Aghdam” will be organized at the end of this month. Now the agency is discussing the possibility of organizing tours in the direction of Fizuli-Khojavend next year.

The idea was received by the public without much enthusiasm. On social media, people, especially natives of Karabakh, are protesting against the offer to visit their lands as tourists. The journalist Sahavat Mamed told about this in the program “Difficult question”.

According to Mamed, when he learned out about such a “creative” initiative of officials from the STA, he could not believe his ears.

“You cannot treat the feelings of people in this way and turn their desire to see the graves of their ancestors, their small homeland into a source of profit. This is not a return home, but a tourist trip,” he said.

The journalist also noted that people are not allowed to enter the territories liberated from the occupation, arguing that they are mined. But not all territories are mined. After all, it is clear that the Armenians did not mine the area where they themselves lived. Why not to organize trips to these territories? Why not inform people which zones are mined and which are not.

According to Mamed, for some category of people the ways to the territories liberated from the occupation are not prohibited – they are the relatives of officials.

“They freely penetrate into the territory of Karabakh and no one can say “no” to them. There are also many cases when people give bribe to go there,” Mammad says.

Source: Turan News Agency