Trial begins of Emergency Ministry’s colonel who had sex with his subordinates in office

Investigation into the case of former Emergency Ministry’s assistant head Zaur Mirzoev who had sex with subordinates in his office is over.


The case has been sent to the Serious Crimes Court and the hearing of the case will start soon, the court reported.


Recall that the video footage appeared on social networks in summer this year. They show Mirzoev having sex with at least three women, employees of the same fire department.


The investigation found that the video camera was in Mirzoev’s personal computer and he regularly recorded what was going on.


The investigation accused him of deliberately distributing pornography. However, according to other reports, the compromising footage found its way online after Mirzoev turned in his computer for repairs and the video ended up in the hands of outsiders. Because of Mirzoev’s refusal to buy back the compromising footage, blackmailers posted it on Telegram.


Mirzoev has been charged with distributing pornography, violating his privacy and exceeding his authority. He faces between five and seven years of imprisonment.


It is not reported whether anyone else is involved in the case.


Source: Turan News Agency


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