Web Desk April 6, 2021

The International Union of Physicians (AID) which provides orthosis-prosthetic support to people with disabilities for various reasons has started to hand over prostheses to Azerbaijani veterans bringing them to Turkey who lost their limbs in the Nagorno-Karabakh war, the Turkish Embassy to Azerbaijan told APA.


AID, which carried out the Orthosis-Prosthesis project in Azerbaijan, used prosthetic measurements of patients in Baku using a three-dimensional scanner and sent them to the center in Istanbul.


Thanks to measurements conducted with 3D scanners, prostheses have been prepared before patients come to the country. The first prosthesis brought to Turkey within the framework of the project has been installed on the veteran in the airport. Taking his prosthesis at the airport the veteran then stood up and started to walk into the hotel. After the implementation of the necessary treatment and rehabilitation processes of veterans in Istanbul, their return to the homeland will be ensured.


Officials of The International Union of Physicians (AID) providing with orthoses of citizens of several countries so far, in recent weeks, taking relevant measures for the brotherly country Azerbaijan and visited Azerbaijan to provide its prosthesis needs.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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