admin May 3, 2016

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, “TRT” and “TRT Avaz” channels as a result of the Armenian armed forces fire heavy artillery against the civilian population living in areas close to the line of contact damage and aired reports on the frontline zone.

The Anadolu Agency in one of the reports as a result of the Armenian armed forces fire heavy artillery, two civilians were killed and eight people wounded were introduced. It was noted that the Agdam and Terter regions were seriously damaged more than 200 homes.Mahrizli village of Agdam region alone, 26 homes were damaged in the last three days, four houses were completely destroyed. Emphasized that the targeting of civilians by Armenians using prohibited weapons, although it does not leave the territory of the local population.

In another interview, published in The agency noted that the Armenian armed forces from April 2, as a result of heavy artillery fire 97 shells fell 34 points. 3 Tartar, Agdam, 2 people were killed and 34 people were injured. A total of 457 buildings were damaged, 29 houses were completely damaged. The fire killed 309 animals. Among the objects of the Armenian armed forces opened fire on schools, health facilities, kindergartens are also available.

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Turkey’s Anatolia news agency in a report to the President Yalc?n Topcu visited frontline areas is familiar with the situation said. YTopcunun report “Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not a problem of the entire Turkic and Islamic world,” he stressed.

AzerTAc news agency the information was used.

Turkish “TRT” and “TRT Avaz” in interviews aired on TV despite the ceasefire, the Armenian armed forces from the frontline of the Azerbaijani civil population of the area is reflected in their villages and heavy artillery fire. News Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva in the frontline zone, Tartar, Barda and Agdam regions, traveled to meet with civilians injured in the fires of the Armenian armed forces, stressed, wondering if the damage to the population. It was noted that one of the military units in Tartar, who is familiar with the situation on the contact line of Supreme Commander interested distinguished military awards in recent military operations.

Source: National Council Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan