Two people hanged in Iran

Two Iranian men were hanged in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz in public on the morning of June 5.
The Iranian court had sentenced them to death by hanging on robbery and sexually assaulting women charges, Iran ‘s IRNA news agency reported.
One of the hanged men was 22-year-old, Amin D., who earned notoriety as the “Vaseline Man” in Iranian media for his greasing of his body while entering into the homes for rubbery and raping women at night.
The man was arrested in August 2015 with CCTV footage provided by one of the victims, DNA and blood type match and other evidence left on the scene, the Shiraz prosecutor Ali Salehi earlier said.
He has confessed to at least 100 cases of illegal entry into the houses, according to Salehi.
Besides the Vaseline Man, another man, identified only as Mojtaba G., who had been convicted of raping and murdering a woman was hanged in Shiraz today morning.
Murder, rape, armed robbery and the trafficking of drugs in quantities in excess of 5 kilograms are among the crimes punishable by death in Iran.
Iran ranks second, after China, in terms of the number of executions in the world.

Source: Trend