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U.S. Targets Russia With Sweeping New Sanctions

The Biden administration on Friday imposed a slew of new sanctions targeting ways in which Russia has evaded previous measures since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports. The new sanctions specifically target Russian defense industry supply chains supporting Putin’s war, and energy sector firms with links to Moscow. The Department of Treasury imposed sanctions on 22 individuals and 104 entities, with touchpoints in more than 20 countries or jurisdictions. ‘Today’s actions will further tighten the vise on Putin’s ability to wage his barbaric invasion and will advance our global efforts to cut off Russian attempts to evade sanctions,’ Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a release announcing the new measures. Meanwhile, the State Department designated nearly 200 individuals, entities, vessels and aircraft with links to the Kremlin. “Today’s actions include designations of targets across Russia’s defense and related materiel, technology, and metals and mining sectors. Our actions also include the designation of entities and individuals involved in expanding Russia’s future energy production and capacity.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement. “And we are continuing to target entities and individuals that have engaged in the systematic and unlawful deportation of Ukraine’s children and the theft and transportation of stolen grain from Ukraine,” he added. The Department of Commerce, in its turn, also blocked 71 entities to prevent Russia from accessing goods it needs for the battlefield. According to a State Department fact sheet, the new sanctions target several companies deemed to be involved in the theft of Ukrainian grain, and entities tied to the ‘logistics network’ between Russia and Iran, including two Iranian shipping companies, Khazar Sea Shipping Lines and Nasim Bahr Kish.

Source: Turan News Agency