Ukraine: Operational information as of 02:00 March 8

The General Staff of Ukraine reports that the Russian army (RA) continues an offensive operation against Ukraine, supported by air and with missile strikes focusing in particular on encircling Kiev with its further capture.

“Within twenty-four hours, the enemy was regrouping to organize an assault on Kiev. For an assault they plan to attract the most combat-ready units, as well as the special regiment of the Ramzan Kadyrov Rosgvardiya (Grozny), detachment 27 of “Kuzbass” (Kemerovo), 604 center “Vityaz” (Moscow) Rosgvardiya and private military company “League” (former PMC “Wagner”),” – said in the message.

As noted in the General Staff, in the Polessk direction, with the help of individual units from the 29, 35, 36 general service armies of the Russian Armed Forces, the Pacific Fleet of the Eastern Military District and the Airborne Troops of the Russian Armed Forces the enemy concentrated in the areas of the settlements Polesskoye, Povar, Borodyanka, Byshev, Gorenichi, Demidov.

“In the direction of the village of Byshev, the enemy with the forces of up to two BTGr of the 36th unit of the armed forces of the Russian Federation maneuvered in an attempt to move further,” the message reads.

In the direction of Tarasovschina and Rakovka, the enemy from the 98th airborne division in cooperation with the 155th independent marines brigade’s BTGr after forcing the Irpen River launched offensive in the area of Rakovka, Irpen river; however, it suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment, lost a part of its offensive potential and was halted.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not publish any military reports on Ukraine as of the morning of March 8.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that neither conscripts nor reservists are or will be involved in Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, TASS reported.

“I emphasize: no conscript soldiers are and will not be involved in combat operations, and there will be no additional call-up of reservists from the reserve. Only professional servicemen will solve the assigned tasks,” the Russian leader said in a video message to women on the occasion of March 8, published on the Kremlin website.

Source: Turan News Agency