admin March 17, 2017

‘The Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict is a question under the mandate of the United Nations. Despite the UN Security Council’s relevant resolutions, this high organization doesn’t control implementation of these documents. Why are UNSC resolutions on Nagorno Karabakh not implemented? It is impossible to reach any agreement without implementation of these resolutions.’

This was stated by Vice-Premier of Azerbaijan Ali Ahmadov.

‘The UN Security Council has adopted four resolutions on withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. 20 years have elapsed since these resolutions were adopted. The United Nations couldn’t take necessary steps to implement these documents. It is for over 20 years they are engaged in this question which is prolonged from year to year. Then, it was mandated to the OSCE as if to “to look and see’ – Ali Ahmadov emphasized.