UN resolution has no impact on Iran’s arms purchase – official

The UN Security Council resolution 2231 will not have any impact on Iran’s decisions for purchasing military equipment, an Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Ebrahim Rahimpour has said that there are no arm sanctions against Iran, ILNA news agency reported.

According to international law, there is no obstacle against Iran for purchasing arms, he added.

He further touched upon a contract between Iran and Russia for purchasing S300 missile system and said the contract has been finalized estimating that the first shipment of the system will be delivered in near future.

Iran and Russia have had ups and downs over the S-300 system deal which dates back to 2007. Iran filed a complaint against Russia at the International Court of Arbitration in 2010 as Moscow suspended the delivery of the system under the $800 million-deal due to the international sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear program. However, with the scrapping of the international sanctions as part of a nuclear deal, which went into force Jan. 16, Iranian officials seem determined to receive the missile system.

Western sources claim that UN 2231 resolution forbids Iran from purchasing conventional arms for the next five years.

Source: Trend