UNEC extends Admission of Documents for Continuous Professional Development and Re-training

Azerbaijan State University of Economics extends the admission of documents for fee- based Continuous Professional Development and Re-training in 2016/2017 academic year until September 10.

Graduates of state and private higher education institutions are eligible to get continuous education on condition that the difference between the specialty to be acquired again on the basis of the initial basic training programs and the basic education program should exceed the estimated hours of a school year or get re-training in case if the estimated hours are not more than accumulated..

Admission to Continuous Professional Development is made on 21 majors and the applicants should submit online the application written to the Rector, copy of the document about the higher education (diploma) approved by the notary; application from the workplace (if available), labor record (if available), 6 pc. 3A�4 sized photos, copy of ID.

Re-training is made on 3 major and the applicants should submit the reference written individually to the Rector, a letter of notice to the Rector by the institution or organization; copy of the diploma about the higher education or specialized secondary education approved by the notary, copy of transcript approved by the notary, copy of employment record (officially approved), 1 photo (3X4 sized jpeg format), copy of ID.

Admission to the continuing professional development and re-training at UNEC is carried out via the following link – kabinet.unec.edu.az. Training is in Azerbaijani and duration is 1 year.