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US gathering information about incident involving Iranian consulate in Damascus

BAKU: The US is gathering information about the incident involving the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

“Here we are in conversations with partners in the region, gathering more information, but at this point, don’t have confirmation either of the target or the responsible party. I don’t have anything beyond that to offer,” said the US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said during a briefing on April 1, Trend reports.

He refused to comment on whether this incident might affect the hostage talks.

“Before we have gathered information about what exactly this was, I don’t want to speak to it specifically, but of course, we’re always concerned about anything that would be escalatory or cause an increase in conflict in the region. It has been one of the goals of this administration since October 7, to keep the conflict from spreading, recognizing that Israel has the right to defend itself from adversaries that are sworn to its destruction,” added Miller.

Today at about 17:00 local time, at least 7 people
were killed as a result of an Israeli Air Force missile attack on the Mezze area in the west of the Syrian capital Damascus, where the Iranian embassy and consulate are located. The Iranian consulate was completely destroyed in the attack. A senior general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (SEPAH), the commander of the corps in Syria and Lebanon, Mohammed Reza Zahedi, and his deputy, Muhammad Haji Rahimi, were killed.