Uzbekistan enters list of countries with lowest cost for mobile internet

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan is one of the countries in the world with the most acceptable cost per gigabyte of mobile internet, Trend reports with reference reports referring to UK’s

The average cost of 1GB of mobile internet in Uzbekistan is $0.37.

Most expensive mobile internet is on islands of Atlantic Ocean (Saint Helena – $41.06 per 1 GB, the Falkland Islands – $38.45 and Sao Tome and Principe – $29.49).

List of countries with the cheapest mobile internet includes Israel – $0.04 per 1GB, Italy – $0.12, San Marino – $0.14, Fiji – $0.15 and India – $0.17.

Data was collected on 5,292 tariff plans from 233 countries of the world.

Source: TREND News Agency