VP of Azerbaijan’s ANAS reveals details of new endangered species book edition

Some plant species from the previous editions of the Red Book [an official state document about the status of rare and endangered wild animals and wild plant species] were not included in the new edition, Academician Irada Huseynova, Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANAS), told reporters at the presentation of the third edition of the Red Book, Trend reports.

Huseynova noted that when species of flora and fauna are listed in the Red Book, their number and distribution area are taken into account.

“If the number and range are greatly reduced, we put this species in the Red Book. On the other hand, some species from the first and second editions of the book were excluded from the Book’s red list and were included in its pink list, since the restoration process is taking place in terms of their abundance and distribution area,” Huseynova said.

According to the vice-president, despite the fact that the species included in the first two editions, have not been found anywhere for 50-60 years, the ANAS has not included them in the third edition.

In addition to the above, the next edition will be published in 2033.

Huseynova also noted that the new edition in Azerbaijani and English also contains the conclusions of international experts.

“We tried to have as many original pictures as possible. During the preparation of the new edition of the Red Book, we used the experience of Türkiye, Russia, and European countries. In Azerbaijan, scientists of the International Union for Conservation of Nature conducted workshops. They have also been very helpful in determining standards and categories,” the ANAS vice-president said.

Source: Trend News Agency