‘We urge international organizations to be fair and to defend justice’

“We, the residents of the frontline, urge the world community and international organizations to be fair and to defend justice. We demand from all international organizations to take effective measures to expose Armenias policy of aggression,” said executive representative of Alikhanli village in Fuzuli district, Azerbaijan, Ilham Israfilov in an interview with AZERTAC.

“The Armenian armed forces’ another provocation which resulted in the murdering of the Azerbaijani civilians once again proved that the Armenian state does not want peace and stability to be established in the region, and poses a serious threat to security of the South Caucasus with its aggressive behavior and state policy that contradicts the norms and principles of international law.” He described the killing of a woman and a little girl as a result of the Armenian armed forces’ shelling as the continuation of the brutal massacre committed by the Armenian government during the Khojaly tragedy. “Such inhuman acts in other parts of the world draw severe condemnation and pressure of the international community. But when it comes to Armenia, which supports terrorism and elevated this to the level of state priority, international organizations either remain silent or confine themselves to making a few mild remarks, he added.



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