Web Desk April 22, 2021

A webinar entitled “Higher education and research in the post-pandemic period” was held jointly by the Ministry of Education, the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and the Black Sea University Network.

Minister of Education, Emin Amrullayev, noted in his speech that despite the fact that currently there is serious uncertainty around the world, education must continue. According to the Minister of Education, it is impossible to stop the development of human capital during this period. Noting that the pandemic opens up new opportunities, Emin Amrullayev informed that the Ministry of Education ensured the participation of more than 1 million students and 100 thousand teachers in the unified electronic platform during the pandemic.

The Minister also stressed that the fundamental goals and objectives of education remain unchanged during this period. The accessibility of education, the provision of equal opportunities regardless of conditions are the main tasks the Ministry of Education set before it. Quality education should be provided to the maximum extent possible. Stating that the issue of switching to distance education in the post-pandemic period is also of concern to many, the Minister of Education noted that distance education is quite an important phenomenon, but everyone should think more about the direction in which the content of education will change. Because the conditions of the pandemic have also shown the need to upgrade skills that were previously considered mandatory.

Stressing that the country’s higher education system is a fairly manageable area, the Minister of Education added that there are serious problems in terms of assessing students ‘ achievements, and there will be opportunities to look at the assessment process in a new context. The Minister noted that the issue of social and psychological well-being of students is also important, and that they are entering a completely new social and communicative, socially collaborative environment.

Rector of the Baku Higher Oil School, Elmar Gasimov, in turn, noted that thanks to the selfless work of teachers and education managers, this period can be called successful for education in general, as the continuity of education was ensured. Elmar Gasimov also stressed the need to improve the modern technological skills of learning employers along with educators in the post-pandemic period.

Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Adalat Muradov, noted that it is necessary to ensure the introduction of distance education. The introduction of new technologies in education, as in all fields, is inevitable.

Speaking at the webinar, the Secretary General of the Black Sea University Network, Eden Mamut, underscored the importance of using all opportunities and mobilizing all material and spiritual resources to ensure the continuity of education during the pandemic.

The panel speakers at the webinar were UNICA President Prof. Luciano Saso, President of the Black Sea Region University Network Pericles A. Mitkas, Professor of Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti (Romania) Florinel Dinu, Professor of Varna Medical University Todorka Kostadinova. The speakers noted that the inability to conduct traditional training currently has a psychological impact on the educational community as a whole and creates certain problems in the field of education. They also talked about the opportunities offered by distance learning. The participants of the event also discussed the use of distance education, including the development of rules for it and the measures that need to be taken to improve its effectiveness.

Note that the webinar, along with the teaching staff of various universities from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia and Albania, was attended by about 300 participants.


Source: Azerbaijan Technical University

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