Web Desk February 8, 2021

The Atlas of quarantine pests for the Republic of Azerbaijan has been launched in electronic format on the website www.pest-atlas.az. The Atlas contains both illustrative and summary information about the flora of the country, including pests considered dangerous for crops, as well as those in external and internal quarantine. The book is based on a list of pests that are not found in Azerbaijan, are widespread and pose a potential threat to the country, and are also in quarantine. Turan was told about this in the Ministry of Agriculture. For the first time in Azerbaijan, quarantine pests of various categories (pests, fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and weeds) have been collected and presented to readers in the Atlas prepared as a result of the work of specialists from various departments of the country. The website contains written and video materials on various topics related to plant protection, pests and control. The Atlas is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs engaged in import and export, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Atlas was developed within the framework of the project “Increasing the competitiveness


Source: Turan News Agency

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