February 16, 2021

The gradual mitigation of the special quarantine regime from January 18, the opening of services and catering facilities, the partial resumption of the activities of educational institutions caused the congestion of public transport. Against this background, the fact that metro does not work further increases the congestion of ground transport, and it caused an increase in the number of COVID-19 diseases.


“I took my child to school by the subway and it took 15 minutes. Now the road takes 50 minutes. The buses are overcrowded, and we have to wait 15-20 minutes for the next one. As a result, people are late for work, and children are late for classes,” said Gulzar Aliyeva, a resident of Baku. Fearing infection, the woman uses a taxi, which is a serious burden on the family budget.


The head of the press service of the Baku Metro CJSC, Bakhtiyar Mammadov, recalled that the subway was closed due to the epidemiological situation. He does not know when the metro will reopen, and this issue is within the competence of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.


Malahat Ibrahimgizi, a member of the Milli Mejlis Health Committee, a deputy from the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, also believes that the crowding of people at stops and buses contributes to the growth of COVID-19 infections.


She also complained that the restaurants do not follow the mask regime, although visitors can only take off their masks at the table, Ibrahimgizi said. According to Doctor of Medical Sciences Agil Geybulla, the metro is the most dangerous transport in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection.


“That is, hundreds of people can be in contact here at the same time. Therefore, the opening of the metro has been postponed. The improvement of the epidemiological situation is not yet the basis for the operation of the metro,” Geybulla said.


“The pandemic behaved in an unusual way and the forecasts did not come true. Therefore, the softening of the regime should be phased,” he said.


In turn, the Baku Transport Agency told Turan that they would release a sufficient number of buses on the routes during peak hours.


As for the delay of buses, this is due to the lack of special lanes on the streets and avenues of Baku.


Source: Turan News Agency

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