Web Desk March 29, 2021

For several days now, footage of the hunting of Arab tourists in Azerbaijan has been walking on social networks.


The Arabs themselves post pictures of captured birds from the Red Book on their accounts. This footage was filmed in the Gakh region at the Ajinohur site.


How did the foreigners enter Azerbaijan, while entry into the country for tourist purposes is prohibited? The Ministry of Ecology claims that this issue is beyond its competence.


In addition, the Ministry of Ecology said that 372 hectares of the Ajinohur Nature Reserve were leased to a local resident in 2017. However, it does not explain how the territory of the reserve can be rented and how you can hunt there?


The Ministry of Ecology is trying to get rid of the message that the foreigners hunting in the reserve were fined 4 thousand manats, and the hunters’ tents were demolished.


It should be noted that Arab sheikhs arrange such hunting tours in Azerbaijan annually. The question is that all these events are arranged bypassing the legislation. In this situation, the most outrageous thing is that the state reserve is used by some high-ranking person as a private vegetable garden. The scandal has been going on for a week, and the country’s authorities pretend that nothing is happening.


Source: Turan News Agency

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